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The story of Rahima Aunty.

VBD Jessore District has organized a program named “The story of Rahima Aunty” on International Women Day 2017 where they gave respect and honor to a women named Rahima aunty. Rahima Aunty struggled through out her life. Being married at early, she had gone through the physical and mental torture from her husband. And after the death of his husband, she started and went outside the home for earning, where she never knew any skills except household chores.

She worked very hard to bring up her two sons. And she described How a lower class woman became successful in her life with having two graduate children. She has successfully survived in her struggle. She inspired our volunteers by telling her story.

Luckily VBD Jessore District got two of the most enthusiastic personalities ,Social activities who also shared their views,their stories.

Rouson Ara Rasu,Ags-2,Jessore Institutions,founder of Shekor was our chief guest.
VBD Jessore District tries to honor these super women who contribute major role in our society,nation.They are happy and inspire to pass time with them.

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