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Frequently Ask Question 

What is VBD?

“Volunteer for Bangladesh” is the youth wing of JAAGO Foundation. The aim of which is to empower youths and facilitate volunteerism in Bangladesh. VBD aims to develop a nation by reallocating skills and resources to foster self – reliance and growth in every citizen.

How and when did it start?

With the support of U.S. Embassy Bangladesh, JAAGO Foundation as the pioneer has been providing the youth of Bangladesh a voice and a platform for contributing the nation since 2011.

Is this a registered organization?

JAAGO Foundation is a registered non-profit organization with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms’ under the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The registration number is S -8027(48)/08. Volunteer for Bangladesh is the youth program of JAAGO Foundation.

Who is the National Board President?

National Board President, Volunteer for Bangladesh:
Name: Md. Zihadul Islam
Place of Birth: Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Current Residence: Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Will VBD be responsible for any criminal activity conducted by a registered volunteer?

VBD will not hold any responsibility which may have arrived either directly or indirectly for the participation in any volunteer program organized by the Volunteer for Bangladesh

Is it safe to volunteer with VBD?

It is completely safe for a volunteer to volunteer with Volunteer for Bangladesh. VBD is the youth wing of JAAGO Foundation which is a well reputed organization and registered.

Benefits of Volunteering with Volunteer for Bangladesh?

  • To build self-esteem and self-confidence
  • To develop skills
  • To become the insider and help the community through engagement
  • To become the change  and  bring  change
  • Engaged volunteers are always appreciated to bring diverse points of view to the organization
  • Dedicated volunteers become the passionate representative of the organization

How can I get involved?

Details are available on Volunteer for Bangladesh website – vbd.com.bd or you can email us at  info@vbd.com.bd

Is it affiliated with any political organization?

No it is not affiliated with any political party.

Will VBD take care of any health issue of a volunteer during any VBD campaign?

VBD will only provide the first aid support; if possible will refer to a nearby hospital.