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Stop Rape Culture in Bangladesh

Stop Rape Culture in Bangladesh

Rape is a popular crime nowadays. Shocking, right? Every day when we open the newspapers, it’s not that we eagerly wait for a rape incident, but there will be at least one anyway. And yes, we have got used to it because despite being a heinous crime and horrible violence towards a human being, it doesn’t startle us anymore. It’s a bitter truth, but at least this needs to be admitted to avoid being a total hypocrite cause we can’t ensure justice to the victims at all!

When are You Opening Your Blindfolds?

The Government’s One-Stop Crisis Center has recently stated that between 2001 and July 2020, only 3.56% of cases brought under the Prevention of Oppression against Women and Children Act 2000 have resulted in a court decision. Only 0.37% of cases have ended in convictions.

So the lack of justice is quite transparent before us, and it’s not tough to say that this kind of situation indirectly strengthens the perpetrators. Also, the culture of victim-blaming often dissuades families from going to law enforcement and filing cases.

It breaks our heart to observe how these monsters are assaulting our children to satisfy their sadist nature. But sadly, child rape has also become regular to the people of this country. They are no longer written in the headlines in bold red color. According to recent statistics from the Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum, 1,005 child rapes were committed in the country last year, a rise of 76% from the previous year. And of the victims, 133 were between one and six years of age. Here the scenario is quite the same, as families don’t want to file charges to protect their ‘dignity.’

Why are These Human Beings Turning into Monsters?

These days social media has become the biggest platform to raise voice against any issues. We won’t be discussing today how much contribution this kind of activism offers in a real sense. Instead, we shall point to its one particular characteristic, the law of division.

On any issues, social media will divide into three or more groups these days. Whenever any rape news manages to get the netizens’ attention through its brutality, cruel enough to move our heartless souls, the platform will divide instantly and blame different factors as the reasons behind that rape incident.

Some will blame the ‘revealing clothes’ worn by the victims or any other ‘random women.’ Some will tag them as isolated events and try to protect the perpetrators indirectly. Some will try to smash the patriarchy as that’s the root cause, according to them. And amid all these discussions, ensuring justice often becomes the less prior issue to these online activists!

Today we want to state for once and all that ‘revealing’ dresses are not the reasons behind rape, hanging out with her male friends is not a reason behind rape, being friendly and joyful is not the reason behind rape, sending our girls away from her family for a job or study purpose, is not the reason behind rape. Only and only the rapist and his/her sadist nature are the reasons behind this crime.

What can You Do?

Many are suggesting lots of solutions to put an end to this rape culture. But how many of them are realistic and fruitful at all? So here is something we believe you can do. Because only doing your part correctly can bring a massive change to break this cycle.

Stop objectifying women; stop objectifying any gender. Learn about what is consent; learn to respect that as well. Stop victim-blaming; it just worsens the circumstance and often provokes the victims to commit suicide. Teach your sons how to respect women. End the locker room conversations, which you think makes you sound cool! If you are in law enforcement, try not to make the situation any worse for the victims, stop asking derogatory questions which indirectly implies that the victim might be the reason behind her/his getting raped.

Demand for justice, no matter where you are at the moment. Demand in such a way that can bring a change, not just to show off to your peer people! Demand for a change. Because introducing the death penalty will not change the situation overnight when the whole judiciary system remains unchanged.

JAAGO Foundation Making Its Way Towards a Change

In the recent rape incidents, when the whole country is protesting against the rape culture, JAAGO expressed its solidarity with the movement through campaigns to raise awareness of this issue.

Today, 55% of our students are girls who are going to be the change-makers of the destiny of many other girls in the future. Our workplace has 64% of female employees, helping us grow with their valuable contributions. But today we are worried. We are afraid of our girls’ safety. But it’s not the time to sit idly and do nothing. That’s why at JAAGO, we educate our boys so that they might not turn into a monster in the future. We educate our children to fight against oppression, stereotypes & violence. Our motto for such education is female empowerment, which is not some mere words to us; rather, we practice such beliefs in our schools and workplace. But despite taking all these initiatives, it is you whom we need most. Because only if you change, the whole generation will change.

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