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Project ‘Water Bottle Challenge’

Project Water Bottle Challenge by VBD Dhaka District

It takes very little to show some kindness or to care for other people. As the saying goes, “Because that’s what kindness is. It’s not doing something for someone else because they can’t, but because you can.”

Starting with a mere Facebook challenge, where one was supposed to buy a bottle of chilled water for a rickshaw puller, post it on Facebook and give ten others the same challenge. The soul reason of this challenge was just to give little bit of relief to the rickshaw pullers who work effortlessly under this unbearable heat of summer, carries the weight of others, without taking a break. And also to show a little bit of kindness who rarely sees it.

Later, on 25th May, 2017, volunteers of VBD Dhaka District, decided to make this a bigger project by giving out bottles of chilled water including 2 packets of saline each, to almost over 200 hundred rickshaw pullers around Dhanmondi area on a burning day of May.
In the end, all that volunteers gained was, a great satisfaction and huge amount of peacefulness in their hearts by seeing the smiles of the rickshaw pullers, the gratitude lighting up their faces including the astonished looks of some just from receiving a little bit of kindness and care from others.

It does take a little to make someone smile, doesn’t it?

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