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Valentine’s day 2nd Innings – Season 3.

To bring joy and to spread love among the ones who are often neglected and poverty-stricken, impoverished, this valentine’s day the volunteers of Volunteer for Bangladesh Chittagong District organized the event “Valentine’s Second Innings, Season 3”. They put together a very fun-filled and colourful event for them .The first part of the event was full … Read more

Winter Cloth Distribution by VBD Patuakhali District.

শীতের শেষবেলায় এসে আবারো অসহায় শীতার্ত দুস্থ মানুষের মুখে একটু উষ্ণতার হাসি ফোটাতে ছোট্ট প্রয়াস। ভিবিডি পটুয়াখালী Winter Cloth Distribution এর আওতায় মোট ১০০জনকে শীতবস্ত্র বিতরণ করে। শীতের শেষবেলায় এসে আবারো অসহায় শীতার্ত দুস্থ মানুষের মুখে একটু উষ্ণতার হাসি ফোটাতে ছোট্ট প্রয়াস। ভিবিডি পটুয়াখালী … Posted by Volunteer for Bangladesh on Sunday, February 26, 2017

চলুন ভালবাসি : VBD Noakhali District.

ভালবাসা হোক সবার জন্য এই উদ্যোগ থেকেই আমাদের ভিবিডি নোয়াখালী জেলার ভলেনটিয়াররা তাদের ভালবাসা দিয়ে একটি দিন রাঙিয়ে দিতে সুন্দর একটি দিন কাঁটালো কিছু এতিম বাচ্চাদের সাথে। এসকল শিশুদের মা বাবা নেই, তারা প্রতিদিনকার মৌলিক চাহিদা ও ভালবাসা থেকে প্রতিনিয়ত বঞ্চিত ,তাদের ও রয়েছে ভালবাসা পাবার অধিকার । শিশুদের একটি সুন্দর দিন উপহার দেয়ার জন্যেই … Read more

Spreading Care 2017 by VBD Sylhet District.

Every year on Valentine’s Day volunteers of Volunteer for Bangladesh Sylhet District arranges one of their signature events “Spreading Care”. This year was also no exception to that. The organized this event to spread love among the often neglected hospital staffs. The Trusties of KYAG, Derrick Jackson & Kathleen Jackson also joined as a volunteer … Read more

Project Art and Quiz Competition By VBD Rajshahi District.

It was a very special morning for the kids of our JAAGO Foundation Rajshahi online branch school. Our dedicated volunteers of Volunteer for Bangladesh Rajshahi District arranged a fun filled project consisting of art and quiz competition for the kids that day. The kids were very enthusiastic for participating in the competitions. Everyone was overwhelmed … Read more

Eye Sight Camp arranged by VBD Chittagong District.

[:en]It was a great and much necessary initiative taken by the volunteers of Volunteer for Bangladesh Chittagong District, which was their event named “Eye Sight Camp”. The volunteers of VBD Chittagong District along with the volunteers from Leo district Council 315 B-4 arranged an eye sight camp at Laila Karim Primary School. This camp was … Read more

JAAGO Foundation brings the UNESCO King Hamad Prize for the first time in Bangladesh

JAAGO Foundation received “The 2016 UNESCO King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa Prize” in recognition of its’ “Online School” project for innovative use of information and communications technology (ICT) in the field of Education. The theme for this year’s Prize recognized the urgent need to respond to major obstacles that lie in the path of the … Read more

Volunteer for Bangladesh holds panel discussion on “Youth engagement in Media”

JAAGO Foundation’s youth wing Volunteer for Bangladesh (VBD) today held a panel discussion on “Youth Engagement in Media” marking the National Youth Assembly 2017. The session was moderated by Md. Tajdin Hassan, head of marketing, The Daily Star. Solaiman Shukhon, head of marketing, Aamra Network Limited, Gousul Alam Shaon, managing director, Grey Dhaka, and Ziauddin … Read more

NYA2017 opening ceremony kicks off

The opening ceremony of the National Youth Assembly 2017 started yesterday with a speech by the founder and chairman of JAAGO Foundation Korvi Rakshand. Rakshand inspired the attendees to utilise the teachings taken from this assembly to accomplish milestones for their respective districts, according to a press release of the JAAGO Foundation. The speech once … Read more