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NYA2017 opening ceremony kicks off

The opening ceremony of the National Youth Assembly 2017 started yesterday with a speech by the founder and chairman of JAAGO Foundation Korvi Rakshand.

Rakshand inspired the attendees to utilise the teachings taken from this assembly to accomplish milestones for their respective districts, according to a press release of the JAAGO Foundation.

The speech once again reminded them of their duties towards where they belong, a volunteer was quoted as saying in the press release.

After the extraordinary speech, the founder left the stage and made way for Esha Farooqe, Senior Manager of Youth Development Program of JAAGO Foundation to give the delegates a detailed description of the purpose and possibilities of the assembly. The delegates became very excited after getting to know their schedule for the next three days.

The group leaders of the assembly were introduced one by one by Korvi Rakshand. They are the senior most volunteers of Volunteer for Bangladesh (VBD).

They have been an active part of VBD for years and made it possible for VBD to be the largest, most active volunteering organization of Bangladesh. They will guide, supervise and inspire their assigned delegates for the upcoming days.

Following the introduction, an ice breaking session was arranged for the delegates to get to know each other better.

Khaled Mahmood Mustafa, General Secretary of National Board of Volunteer for Bangladesh gave a presentation on Bangladesh and Development, according to the press release.

He discussed about the major challenges currently faced by Bangladesh and how the youth of Bangladesh can play a major role to overcome such challenges.

He also talked about major issues like sustainable development goals and how we can create a self-sustainable model. He ended his session with a call to action to the delegates as, “Yes we can and Yes we will.”

Meanwhile Ejaj Ahmad, founder and president of Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC), one of the keynote speakers in this assembly will share his insights with the delegates on passion, purpose, and the possibilities of leadership, according to the press release.

Volunteer for Bangladesh has been providing the youth of Bangladesh with a platform to transform their vision and ideas into reality. This time Golden Harvest has come forward to support eight of the best projects from all the projects submitted by our delegates.

Finally Korvi Rakshand shared the inspiring journey, its campaigns, all about the schools, the youth development program of JAAGO Foundation throughout the years.

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