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Democracy Watchers: A Youth initiative


What does happen when a democratic decision ​causes ​the violation​ of​​ human rights? How should ​we behave when majority’s decision discriminates minority? Is there a​ country practicing​ democracy without human rights? These questions ​are important, as we live in a ​​heterogeneity society with a variety of values and goals.​ ​

Democracy is a continuous political process. Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings. We all are equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination. The complex relationship between democracy and human rights shows the need for education in democracy which overcomes the little understanding of democracy to recognize the need for human rights education. Human rights education is the essential fundamental of the implementation of human rights as every human being needs to know about his/her rights and this can only be sustained and developed by practicing this among our youth.

To identify what are the prospectus and challenges to institutionalization of democracy in Bangladesh, Youth Development Program has taken an initiative to conduct a workshop named “Democracy Watchers: A Youth initiative” which is focused to increase youth’s perception on democracy and human rights. 16 workshops will be taken place in 8 divisional districts of Bangladesh. We will try to make the youth of Bangladesh aware of their human and democratic rights through the practice of democratic ideas and values.

Besides we encourage these young people to spread their learning in their communities as well as to be engaged in the policy-making process. After the completion of the workshops, the participants will go back to their communities & will work with the local government to strengthen the practice of democracy.

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