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Citizen’s Conference on SDGs in Bangladesh 2017


The objectives of Citizen’s Conference on SDGs in Bangladesh 2017 were- to strengthen the voice of the marginalized communities in the SDG implementation, to make contribution of the non-state actors in delivery of SDGs visible, to explore further opportunities for government and non-government partnership in the development process.

As JAAGO Foundation is one of the partner of the Citizen’s Platform for SDGs Bangladesh, so the volunteers of VBD Dhaka District got the opportunity to participate in this conference, held on 6th December.

Leave No One Behind- the rallying cry of the Sustainable Development Goals. Having in mind, the conference was attended by high-level government officials as well as representatives of partner organisations, vulnerable groups of the society, civil society members, private sector professionals. Our volunteers got chance to develop their knowledge on SDGs in context of Bangladesh. The Conference adopted a Citizen’s Declaration 2017 putting forward some suggestions and demands.

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