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Antibiotic Resistance Awareness Campaign

Antibiotic resistance basically means when an antibiotic has lost its ability to effectively control or kill bacterial growth; in other words when the antibiotic given by the doctor does not work properly to prevent the diseases.

The volunteers of Volunteer for Bnagladesh Noakhali District organized this event to mainly spread this awareness as it has become one of the major concerns of present days. They spread the awareness on how the students should not take antibiotics without the doctor’s prescription and how and antibiotic loses its effectiveness if not taken on time among the students of Arun Chandra High School of Noakhali.

There were MD. Abdul Barek, Nujjat Tabassum, Choyon Ahmed and two more expert pharmacist to talk about the issue with the students. This event received such major response that our volunteers have decided to continue such useful and much necessary initiative among more schools every month.

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