• National Board:

    The National Board of Volunteer for Bangladesh is the supreme body. A board with member of 7 people are the decision making body. They take the strategic decisions, structural planning and other major issues.

  • Divisional Board:

    Divisional board members look after the district boards. Divisional board is accountable to National Board for any decisional. District activities are approved by divisional board members.

  • District Board:

    Each district has their own board who deals with projects, campaigns, committee members, training of the new volunteers, conducting workshops.

Our Approach

Here at Volunteer for Bangladesh we encourage volunteers to become a part of the youth family and bring positive change with in and people around him/her. VBD allows the volunteers to come up with their innovative ideas, sharpen it and implement it to a way that benefits the community.

Day of a Volunteer

Volunteer for Bangladesh that focus on bringing change through sustainable development; organize and observes different social awareness campaign throughout the year. Campaigns like Universal Children’s Day, Great Water Challenge, World Environment Day , Great Kindness Challenge are among the few of the many campaigns.