09 Jul 2019

Youth Contribution to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

There are always some people around us who work restlessly and devotedly to change society and develop the country. JAAGO Foundation and Save the Children Bangladesh are one of those platforms who are creating the paths for reforming a better wealthy nation.

In 2007, JAAGO Foundation has been established for aiming to provide free of cost Quality Education to the underprivileged children coming from the lower socio-economic background. JAAGO Foundation started its path in a small room with 17 students who have now thousands of students studying under various programs of JAAGO all over Bangladesh.

Realizing the immense potential of youth in the society, the founder established the first volunteer organization of Bangladesh in 2011, named Volunteer for Bangladesh (VBD), the youth wing of JAAGO Foundation. VBD combines the spirit of volunteerism with the strength and goodwill of youth for bringing substantial social change and raising awareness among the masses. Now, this nationwide youth platform exists in 32 districts and has around 35,000 registered volunteers across the country. Volunteers are now working hard with the help of JAAGO to achieve the Sustainable development Goals (SDGs) across the country. Already they have completed several SDGs projects successfully.

Besides, Save the Children has been working to assist the children in Bangladesh since 1970. The program works across five thematic sectors: Child Rights Governance and Child Protection, Health- Nutrition-HIV/AIDS, Child Poverty, Humanitarian and Education.

In Bangladesh, Save the Children is moving forward to strengthen monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning [MEAL] aspects of its work to ensure program quality. This organization directly reaches over 12 million children and adults in Bangladesh through implementing over 90 projects in all 64 districts of Bangladesh.

By Bridging the Gap Campaign, Save the Children and JAAGO Youth Wing: Volunteer For Bangladesh would take school, college and university students to urban slums and remote areas in Bangladesh to see how disadvantaged children go to school and what difficulties they face to get the education. The volunteers worked from both organizations to bring the minimum comfortability for the people of these remote areas.

From 9th July to 11th, Mr. Korvi Rakshand is going to attend Asia Advocacy, Campaigns, Comms and Media Meeting programs which are organised by Save the Children at Bangkok. The theme of the program is ‘Engaging youth for change’. Korvi Rakshand will represent the “Youth Development Program” at the event.

The goal of the program is to inspire people and engaging youth. The audience will be from within Save the Children and also coming from different SC offices and working in campaigns and communications largely. As we know togetherness can bring a revolutionary change in society, we hope this program will build a new bridge of development for rebuilding a new nation.

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