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[themeum_title layout=”leftborder” alignment=”left” title=”JOIN THE YELLOW ARMY” title_style=”customstyle” title_heading=”h2″ title_size=”16″ title_line_height=”0″ title_color=”#000000″ title_weight=”700″ title_margin=”0 0px 26px 0px” title_padding=”0″ subtitle=”Volunteering isn’t a Choice, it’s a Responsibility!” sub_title_style=”customstylesub” sub_title_size=”24″ sub_title_line_height=”0″ sub_title_color=”#000000″ sub_title_heading=”div” sub_title_weight=”300″ introtext=”Volunteer for Bangladesh is a nonpolitical volunteer wing of JAAGO Foundation. It has created immense opportunity for the youth to do something for the country. We look for young enthusiastic youth who are committed and passionate to bring a change in the society.

” introtext_size=”14px ” introtext_color=”#898989″]

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