25 Apr 2019

Road Safety Awareness Campaign In Dhaka By VBD

On April 25, 2019, JAAGO Foundation’s youth wing, Volunteer for Bangladesh with the help of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) have started the awareness campaign project on “MY ROAD | MY RESPONSIBILITY” together to create awareness on “Road Safety” among the city dwellers. The campaign took place in the 4 important points of Kakoli, Banani-11, Gulshan-2, and Notun Bazar 8 am to 2 pm. Today, around 150 volunteers have worked together in these 4 signals to increase public awareness. Traffic Police were very helpful and friendly toward volunteers.

At the beginning of the project on April 24, 2019, the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (AC of Gulshan area) has trained for street law and road safety to volunteers through a workshop.

Road Safety Awareness Campaign In Dhaka

The main purpose of the “Road safety” project is to create awareness among pedestrians through volunteers and to provide information about the rules of movement on the road to transport drivers and workers to avoid road accidents and inspire them to follow the law. It is hoped that this project will increase the awareness of noise pollution and road accidents among the public, will follow the road policies in future and use the foot over bridges and zebra crossing for the road crossing. Above all, it will reduce the road accident rate.

Traffic Police and mass people highly appreciated the event with Dhaka Metropolitan Police and this showed that this project will continue for the next few months. Around 2500 have shown their interest and random citizens have shared different pictures of this event in various social media pages including traffic alert.

Road Safety Awareness Campaign

This project is continuing experimentally and will be continued for the next few months. The joint participation of DMP and JAAGO Volunteers will hold the program after 15 days in a month. But if the project becomes successful, this will be continued in the near future.

Road Safety Campaign