Tanwee Das

  • Treasurer , Barisal DistrictVolunteer for Bangladesh

Contact Info:

  • tanwee.das@vbd.com.bd
  • Blood group : A+


At first, I knew about VBD by social media. Then I came to know that some of my friends and some well known person were already working. After that I came to know about VBD and Jaago foundation. I felt interested and I decided to join.

It is a satisfactory feeling to help others. By volunteerism I can gain new experience. It improves my personality. And finally it can enhance my future and resume by participating in volunteer activities.

It’s working with SDG and about the problems that existing in our region.  It enhanced my quality and make me conscious and I also make others conscious about their rights and their responsibility. I love the programs of VBD. So I choose VBD for volunteerism.


About VBD:

A linking platform.