Samir Kumar Paul

  • Vice President, Dhaka DistrictVolunteer for Bangladesh

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  • Blood group : O+


My journey started with VBD from UCD’14. That time UCD was such a big hype in Bangladesh that if I’m not participating in UCD then what I’m doing with my life. So I immediately registered and participated in that event. After doing few events & facing a tough recruitment process, I became a committee member back in 2016. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested to know about my journey.

Volunteerism is important to me because it gives us a chance to give back to the society while promoting personal growth.

I think VBD is the biggest platform for any youth of Bangladesh who dream of rebuilding this nation. Besides that, through the journey from a General Volunteer to Board Member, I have learned and still learning loads of things which is making me a better person & a better asset for my country.

About VBD

To me VBD is the huge network of those Bangladeshi youth who dreams of rebuilding this nation.