Golam Mostafa Emon

  • General Secretary, Dhaka DistrictVolunteer for Bangladesh

Contact Info:

  • mostafa.emon@vbd.com.bd
  • Blood group : A+


I was always keen to work for the betterment of my society and I saw VBD doing a great job in this sector then I knocked one of my senior who was present of VBD Dhaka District at that time he informed me VBD’s work in details. This are the early stage story of joining VBD.

If we look on age of most of our volunteers we can clearly define teenager, youth are the most. Volunteerism is very important at this age because we can learn so many things to do volunteering and most importantly we can think for our society.

About VBD

VBD is place where I think any idea which is for a good cause we can implement it gives me energy to work with VBD.

VBD is one of my family.