Korvi Rakshand

  • Treasurer, National BoardVolunteer for Bangladesh

Contact Info:

  • demo@michelhloder.com


At the age of 21, it was expected that Korvi Rakshand would take over the family business upon completion of his education. However, Korvi decided to use his education and skills to create change for impoverished children of Bangladesh. Understanding that charitable acts are often temporary and unsustainable, Korvi was determined to improve the lives of slum children for the long term.

Korvi founded JAAGO Foundation with a vision – to eliminate poverty through education. Today, JAAGO Foundation supports the education of 3000 children across its 13 branches all over Bangladesh.

Korvi, founded “Volunteer for Bangladesh” in 2011 realizing the immense potential of volunteerism of youth. Today, this initiative to empower Bangladeshi youth has more than 25000 registered volunteers across the country.