Khondker Nasif Akhter

  • Vice President, Dhaka DivisionVolunteer for Bangladesh

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Khondokar Nasif has been with VBD since 2011. Currently he is working at VBD as Vice President, VBD Dhaka Division. Professionally, he is serving as the Managing Director of K. Nasif Photography. Photography in addition to volunteering is something that Nasif loves. Over the years he has volunteered for VBD. His experience has made him learn that volunteering does not only bring a change to the society but also the person who is aiming to bring that change. Khondokar Nasif Akhter knows that volunteering brings a change in character.

Joining year in VBD – 2011

Current Status in VBD – Vice President, VBD Dhaka Division

Professional Status – Managing Director of K. Nasif Photography

About VBD

“Volunteerism not only changes other’s’ lives but also it’s a process of changing oneself.”