Our Approach

We encourage volunteers to become a part of the youth family and bring positive change with in and people around them. VBD allows the volunteers to come up with their innovative ideas, sharpen it and implement it to a way that benefits the community because VBD promotes youth lead initiatives. Youth centric thoughts, spirits and activities are central to VBD.

Volunteerism is a powerful way to involving people of all ages in tackling social as well as development challenges and obstacles. It further helps to take a leap and transform the nature of development. Volunteerism benefits the individual to strengthen trust, unity and empower as well as aiding the society at large. Furthermore, in today’s world where opportunities are centralized VBD has created platform for the youth outside the capital city where their voice is heard and valued.

Our achievement

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Empowering Youth to Achieve the UN SDGs 2030.

To learn new skills, share knowledge, bring change in life and develop own identity, you can be a part of Volunteer for Bangladesh.