We are all set to welcome the delegates! So are our group leaders! They are eagerly waiting to meet their assigned delegates.

National Youth Assembly 2017 is welcoming 112 delegates from different districts of Bangladesh. It’s main goal is to connect youths from different parts and to enhance their capacity building and leadership skills. For their well management and guidance, these young delegates are assigned to be supervised by group leaders. The delegates will be under the efficient supervision of 18 group leaders in 7 to 9 volunteers in each group.

Even though the program officially welcomes the delegates from tomorrow, the group leaders have already arrived. They have been briefed by Korvi Rakshand, Founder of JAAGO Foundation about the whole schedule of the next four days of the program, their duties and responsibilities. They cannot wait to meet their delegates, to guide them, to inspire them. A file with profiles of their delegates have been given to them, so that they can know them better.
The group leaders will be the guiding shadows of these young delegates for the next 4 days, both will get the opportunity to intake a learning experience of lifetime.