To be young is to be in the full flower of life, when the body and mind are both at their peak. Youth also has the advantage of innocence: that state of indomitable grace in which we still believe in our own potential to impact the world around us. Our youth have not yet become ‘prisoners’ of what we call ‘reality’. They have not boxed in their thinking, dreaming or exploring by the walls of cynicism. They have not become stuck to a reality or resigned themselves to the status quo.

They have the courage of their convictions along with the mental and physical capacity to pursue them – and thus they dare to break out of the prison of perceived reality. Not only can they break free of that prison, but they have the ability to create a ‘new’ reality that is shaped not by what is easy but by what is right. On the other hand we, their elders –and thus their teachers, leaders and inspiration – are all too often too set in our ways to think beyond present realities. The harsh lessons of past experience have placed limits on our thinking and actions. Trapped in a perpetual ‘reality-check’, we have become risk-avoiders rather than risk-takers.

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