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Welcome to the 3rd National Youth Assembly 2019

The 3rd National Youth Assembly 2019 (NYA) takes the theme of “Empowering Youth for National Development”. The 4-day Assembly will continue JAAGO’s legacy of youth empowerment by being a platform to strengthen and mobilize youth with the skills and opportunities needed to be agents of impactful change. The conference connects the nation’s foremost young talent in the fields of sustainable development and social entrepreneurship, together with leading professionals, policy makers and practitioners in various fields. Through discussions, skill-building workshops, networking sessions and ideation challenges, youth delegates from all over Bangladesh will gain relevant knowledge, resources and opportunities they need to take action and build projects of their own throughout the year.

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Day One
March 9, 2019
Day Two
March 10, 2019
Day Three
March 11, 2019
Day Four
March 12, 2019
5:30 PM
Opening Ceremony
Join 500 participants, 160 youth leaders, 20 group leaders, 40 speakers and scholars.
5:50 PM
Introduction of the Group Leaders and Organizers
Get to know us and our group leaders from around the country. Learn what they are doing and how.
6:50 PM
Connecting the Dots
Let’s ideate, collaborate, and connect through building communication and training to achieve SDG goals
7:00 PM
Introduction of JAAGO Foundation
Learn about JAAGO and its various programs up-close. Know where the youths are working to make a difference and realizing their potentials.
7:30 PM
Journey of Volunteer for Bangladesh
Volunteer for Bangladesh (VBD) has a proud and unique story to tell… VBD will be sharing the story of its journey towards rebuilding a nation.
7:45 PM
Youth Engagement
Meet and greet other participants, youth leaders, group leaders, speakers and scholars.
9:00 AM
Leadership and Communication
An informative session for aspiring leaders of tomorrow. Through this interactive session, participants will acquire the essential knowledge of communication.
10:20 AM
Gram hobe Shohor/Transforming Villages to Cities
Urbanization is happening at a rapid pace. Get an insight into the process of transformation from our speaker.
11:35 AM
Branding Bangladesh
Putting Bangladesh on the map is our top priority. Learn about the ways Bangladesh is being represented on the globe.
9:00 AM
Youth Contribution in Achieving SDGs in Bangladesh
Youth has a very important role to play to achieve. Join the session to learn about youth contribution to achieve SDG targets.
2:05 PM
Role of Youths on SDG 6-water and Sanitation
Get into the particular role youths can play to achieve SDG 6. Session’s speaker will highlight the role youths can play to protect water bodies and maintain sanitation.
3:30 PM
Volunteerism and SDG
Learn how volunteerism and SDG are intertwined. Speaker of the session will discuss the relationship between the two.
4:30 PM
Good Governance
Session’s speaker will give insight into the essential requirements of good governance.
9:00 AM
Mental Health for Youth Development
To serve the society meaningfully, it is important to have a healthy mind. In this session, an expert will share how the youth can take care of their health and deal with depression.
10:30 AM
Anti-Drug Awareness for Youth
Join the event to learn about anti-drug awareness. As youths are the strength of a nation, they also need to be on the safe side.
12:30 PM
Youth Entrepreneurship
Bangladesh has seen many successful youth entrepreneurs. Attend the session to learn about youth entrepreneurship and how you might start one.
4.00 pm
Inspiring Lives
Renowned leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and celebrated personalities will be at the assembly to talk about volunteerism, leadership, and entrepreneurship to inspire and motivate the youth.
NYA 2018 Throwback

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4 days

  • Accommodation
  • Meal
  • Certificate
  • A starter pack
  • Name badge
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4 days

  • Accommodation
  • Meal
  • Certificate
  • A starter pack
  • Name badge
Why Participate
  • Between the ages of 18-35 years.
  • Proven track record of leadership experience in your community
  • Interested in global affairs, sustainable development and youth issues.
  • To be one of the representatives and voices of your constituency.
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