21 Jan 2020

NATIONAL YOUTH ASSEMBLY 2020: Building Tomorrow’s Leaders

National Youth Assembly, a one of a kind gathering of future national leaders is being organized by JAAGO Foundation’s very own ‘Volunteer for Bangladesh’ wing. The 4-day long training program is the continuation of the organization’s effort to empower the youth to achieve a holistic set of skills required to drive progress and long term growth and to help them contribute to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. The assembly will feature engaging workshops, live sessions for the youth with nationwide leaders, entrepreneurs, social influencers, experts, policymakers and international icons across a host of fields.

This year, the National Youth Assembly 2020 will be inaugurated on 26th February 2020 in Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong. 


NYA Theme

The theme of the National Youth Assemblywill be “Empowering Youth for National Development,” a celebration of passing on the torch to the youths, the future generations in hopes of a better tomorrow. National Youth Assembly will be a host to innovators, leaders and promising young people, providing an opportunity to approach and tackle some of the toughest issues of today. It will also open the doors to hone diplomatic and developmental skills through enlightened discussions, workshops and networking sessions for the youths. 


Program Benefits

The young volunteers in charge of spreading positive change all over the nation will get together for the annual assembly with the purpose of helping each other achieve new heights in their capabilities. The assembly will be the perfect platform for the youths to gather knowledge and practice hands-on skills needed to rise up in adverse conditions. Through discussions, skill-building workshops, networking, and ideation challenges and with the support of experts and practitioners in the field, The Youth Assembly Delegates will obtain the relevant resources and opportunities to begin or grow their impact.

The first day of the training program will serve as an introduction to the program and the scope of the mission. From the second day onward, the schedule will be packed with exciting exchange of resources, team-building exercises and informative workshops to get everyone on the track to success. 


NYA Speakers 

Young Delegates will attend the assembly and take inspirations from noble personalities who share their views and advise the young minds with tips and tricks of making a big impact in this world. The respected speakers who will attend the assembly are – Kanbar Hossein Bor (UK Deputy High Commissioner to Bangladesh), Katelyn Jackson Nnake (Director, Community Partnerships, Public Affairs & Communications for The Coca-Cola Company based in Washington, D.C), Tina F. Jabeen (Investment Advisor, Startup Bangladesh, ICT Ministry, Govt. of Bangladesh), Rubana Huq (Chairman Mohammadi Group), Ilias Kanchan (NISCHA Chairman), Arif R Hossain (Co-Founder, Amrai Bangladesh),  Ayman Sadiq (Founder, Robi 10 Minute School) and many more visionaries, pioneers and leaders.

To summarize, the National Youth Assembly aims to guide and mobilize the youth of today towards building a bright tomorrow for themselves, for the nation and for the world as a whole. This training program will act as a bridge between promising youths and industry-leading professionals and policymakers. It will be the ideal training ground for tomorrow’s innovators, creators, and leaders who will take charge to create a better future for us all and achieve Sustainable Development Goals.