13 Dec 2017

Great Kindness Challenge 2017.

Armed with a motivating and exciting acts of kindness, Great Kindness Challenge 2017 was started from early midnight, when volunteers of VBD – Comilla District appreciated the night guards by giving them flowers and cards.

The Great Kindness Challenge – a global initiative to show respect and inspire people who work all day and night to keep us safe, secure and conscious. Our volunteers spread compassion and sympathy to the people who are working tirelessly and relentless for the betterment of society and honored them with flowers and cards, as well as their contribution is acknowledged by thanking them.

Every act of kindness grows the spirit and strengthens the soul- with this motto, all the volunteers throughout the Bangladesh participated in the campaign to show the kindness which helped them to grow and transform their own behavior. Kindness is such a gift that everyone can afford to give.

Volunteer for Bangladesh has been keeping up with this initiative for last 7 years. Thanks all the volunteers who have worked hard to pull up this campaign effective and flawlessly.