03 Sep 2019

সচেতনতাই নিরাপত্তা



Prevention is better than cure. So to help the people living in the streets of Dhaka, VBD Dhaka District is going to donate Mosquito net, to fight against dengue.

Social Impact:

The citizens will be more aware of the situation and will also help make everyone else aware. Hence VBD always believes in helping the people of our society.

How Beneficiaries will Get Benefits?

The beneficiaries will receive a nets and using nets to protect themselves from Mosquitoes.


  • Collecting Donations
  • Purchasing Nets
  • Distribution of Mosquito Nets by Volunteers

Is This Event Related to SDG?


SDG 03:  Good Health & Well-Being

Number of Volunteers : 50

Number of Beneficiaries : Directly 100 people & Indirectly:1000 people

Registration for : সচেতনতাই নিরাপত্তা

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