24 Aug 2019

Revive from Dengue



To make people aware of the recent Dengue outbreak and also educating them about the dos and don’ts.

Social Impact:

The citizens will be more aware of the situation and will also help make everyone else aware

How Beneficiaries will Get Benefits?

The beneficiaries will receive a door to door consultation from us and will be educated as in how to keep mosquitoes away, which carry the Dengue virus.


Volunteers will be visiting all the houses in 8 – 10 primary slums of the city (As slums are the most affected by Dengue). They will go from house to house and carry out an awareness session in every house to educate them on how to tackle the Dengue virus.


Is This Event Related to SDG?


SDG 03:  Good Health & Well-Being

Number of Volunteers : 200

Number of Beneficiaries :

1) Directly 1000 people
2) Indirectly:10000 people

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