07 Apr 2017

Project H2O


Like every year, Volunteer for Bangladesh in association with Kinley and WaterAid Bangladesh is organizing a campaign named “H20 Project” focusing the World Water Day as Volunteer for Bangladesh envisions for a clean city through youth engagement. The proposed plan will educate the school students of 8 Divisional Districts of Bangladesh focusing on Water Management. Volunteers of VBD will reach out 24 public and private schools to conduct workshop and raise awareness on SDG -6 – Clean Water and Sanitation. The focus is to acknowledge them with theoretical and practical knowledge.
The project will be conducted in four phases-

H20 Spirit –
The main objective of this phase is to address water and water relatedproblems and come up with ideas through combining 3 generations of brains. Water experts, youth and next generation will together to discuss the issues and come to a common ground. 10 students from each of the schools will be brought under one roof in respective Divisional Districts where, they will know about SDG -6. Furthermore, Students will be divided into groups to come out with water related problems and solving them by themselves. There will be 2 volunteer from VBD who will be assigned as the group leader who will be guiding them on project work.

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