25 Jul 2019

Project Green Roof | Phase – 6



Planting trees for a sustainable environment and also creating awareness among school children on the necessity of planting trees.

Social Impact:

The community will realise the importance of trees and will work together to build a better future for the next generation.

How Beneficiaries will Get Benefits?

They will get the medicinal benefits of the plants as well as an extra supply of oxygen.


We’ll be planting trees and also conduct a session with the school children to educate them on the importance of planting trees in the environment. We’ll also be going back to the venues of our previous phases to check on the trees we had planted before

Is This Event Related to SDG?


SDG 11:  Sustainable cities and communities.
SDG 13: Climate action.
SDG 15: Life on land.


Number of Volunteers : 80

Number of Beneficiaries : 5,000 (Approximately)

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