11 Jul 2019

Go Green



-Rebuild a Green City.
-To inform the students about the benefits of trees, encourage them to plant more trees and care for the trees.
-Beat Air Pollution.

Social Impact:

Trees play an important role in protecting the balance of the environment. Our students are the future of our country. So growing consciousness and encouraging our students will have a positive impact on the environment. Planting trees will protect us from the terrific heat of the sun.

How Beneficiaries will Get Benefits?

They get shade, flowers, fruits, medicines, and fuel from the trees. The trees will protect them from natural disasters. It will help to build an eco-city. The benefits of trees cannot be finished, trees are good friends all of us.


-Trees distribution among the student.
-Planting of fruit, forest and medicinal plants in the school premises

Is This Event Related to SDG?


SDG 11:  Sustainable cities and communities.
SDG 13: Climate action.
SDG 15: Life on land.


Number of Volunteers : 45

Number of Beneficiaries : 5,000 (Approximately)

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