08 Aug 2019

Fight the Bite: An Awareness Campaingn on Dengue



Making people aware of dengue and its shortcomings and provide instructional guidance to have good health.

Social Impact:

People will know about dengue and how to take preparation to have good health by avoiding dengue.

How Beneficiaries will Get Benefits?

People will be known about their health.


• Distributing leaflets to the school & local Colonies of cumilla.
• Allocating posters on the school notice board and local areas.
• Communicate with the local people about the disease and steps need to taken after effected.

Is This Event Related to SDG?


SDG 03:  Good Health & Well-Being

Location :


  1. Chotora Colony
  2. Post office Colony
  3. Khan Bari Colony


  1. Shkhtola High School
  2. Cumilla Residential School & College
  3. Hossa Mia High School
  4. Comilla High School
  5. Suagonj T A high school & college of Cumilla District

Number of Volunteers : 200

Number of Beneficiaries : 2,00,000 (Approximately)


Registration for : Fight the Bite: An Awareness Campaingn on Dengue

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