26 Jul 2019

Community Engagement and Awareness for the Importance of Sanitation


Community Based Model Toilet Project for Underprivileged Ethnic Community People in Dinajpur.


JAAGO Foundation and Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Dhaka collaboratively are implementing a project named “Community Based Model Toilets for Underprivileged Ethnic Community People in Moshohorpara, Dinajpur” to promote good health with hygiene and sanitation. In the area of Moshohorpara one of the biggest threats that the people are facing in the absence of hygiene and sanitation practices. Through this project, we will be able to provide enough model toilets to the people living there.

Project Activities:


A. Training of Trainers :
Volunteers will be selected first and trained in Dinajpur. The volunteers will be trained using different methods such as presentations in the training session. They will go through a specialized training on hygiene practices and process of disseminating information in order to gain the necessary training on the procedure and a good understanding of the project. These volunteers will provide training to their respective community members later on. In the training program government official and local authorities are going to be invited to learn about the project activities.


B. Need Identification :
Volunteers will visit the area and discuss with the community members to decide in what specific locations the model toilets will be established. Local leaders (i.e. Chairman) will help and guide the volunteers in this phase. Community people will also be notified and briefed about the coming activities by the volunteers.


C. Community Engagement and Awareness of importance of Sanitation :
Volunteers will conduct community engagement activities at Moshohorpara, Dinajpur and disseminate the knowledge in the local selected community. Also, with assistance from the community members, the volunteer will make a working committee for raising funds for maintaining the model toilets. After conducting the community engagement session, volunteers will try to shape the attitude of the community people by using different types of awareness raising materials. Volunteers will motivate the community people to maintain good hygiene habits and behavioural adaptations to save the water wastage using leaflets to promote awareness. The community people will be the direct beneficiaries and will receive further support from volunteers to circulate their acquired knowledge.


D. Community based Model Toilet Establishment :
Eight model toilets will be established in the community. For water supply, a tube well will also be established for the 200 community people to fetch water for using the toilet. There is only one tube well that has been used by the entire community as a shared water source.


E. Project Monitoring and Evaluation :
After establishment of model toilets, volunteers will visit the area every month to see the maintenance of the toilets. The management team will monitor the project progress throughout the project timeline.


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