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28 Jul 2019

Beat Harassment, Be The Protector



1. To create awareness about sexual harassment and it’s demerits.
2. To teach the students   about the primary technique of self defence so that they can protect their life during a threatening situation &  defend themselves.
3. To inform female students about  the helpline number ‘999’.

Social Impact:

Now  sexual harassment is the burning issues in our country.If every girl students know the  primary techniques of self defense  then  they will be able  save themselves from any kind of  harassment.They will always remain careful to save their life & others life during this kind of situation.

How Beneficiaries Will Get Benefits?

If they know about the primary technique of self defence then they will be able to save themselves from any kind of harassment &  they will remain careful about it.


1. To teach the students  about primary techniques of self defence so  that they can  protect their life during  a threatening situation & defend themselves.

2. To inform female students about  the help line number ‘999’ & encourage them to dial ‘999’ at any times of imminent danger for asking help from pulice & tell them to share  it with their friends & family.

3. Teach them to always remain careful about this type of situation.

4. We will show the technique of self defence through projector & practically.


Is This Event Related to SDG?


SDG 05 : Gender Equality.

SDG 10 : Reduce Inequality


Number of Volunteers : 20 volunteers

Number of Beneficiaries : 1000

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