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01 Aug 2019

A Conversation with Youth | Robin Yunis


Robin Yunis, a wrestling state champion from Tennessee, USA. She belongs to a local Muslim family of 6 other accomplished wrestlers. Yunis has always thrived for excellence. She was not content with just winning the state title, she wanted to dominate her opponents throughout and finished with a statistics of 35-0. Yunis won her second state title and ended the year ranked seventh nationally in her weight class. She is now in track to be the first Muslim girl to join the USA Olympic team under the wrestling category. Not only is she a very passionate individual professionally, but she also loves traveling and learning about different cultures. Every year her family visits different parts of the world. This August, they are coming to Bangladesh to visit and know about our rich and diverse culture. They will visit Jaago for a day to talk to our youth and inspire them with their unique and motivational journey as a Muslim family fighting and winning state competitions in the USA.

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