Youth Network Development

National Youth Assembly

With the vision to connect youth from different parts of Bangladesh and create future leaders by improving their technical capacity and expanding awareness of current and emerging approaches, JAAGO Foundation introduced the National Youth Assembly (NYA) since 2017.

National Youth Assembly plans to bring youth across the country to come together and exchange learning and find like-minded youth to work together for social change. With this spirit, VBD arranged NYA 2017 in Cox’s Bazaar with around 112 youth delegates from 8 divisions of Bangladesh under one roof came together and their leadership and communication skills were strengthened to help them serve their community. The assembly featured various workshops, interactive sessions between the volunteers and distinguished speakers from around the country. The sessions discussed various ideas on social development, dimensions of human development, social entrepreneurship, women empowerment and community participation.

Bangladesh Youth Network

JAAGO Foundation With the collaboration with UNDP youth program created a platform of organizations working for youth priorities throughout Bangladesh. Around 700 registered youth organizations all over the country are now connected for knowledge and idea-sharing. This collaboration produced three key outputs:

1. A nationwide database of youth organizations.
2. A network of national and local actors for youth engagement.
3. A set of research and actions to identify youth priorities and needs.

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