Other projects

My Road, My Responsibility –November, 2013

The streets of Dhaka City are the most important aspect of the urban city life. These streets are always cleaned by the street sweepers who selflessly help to keep this city clean early morning. The roads are mostly cleaned before the sun rise and as a result they remain hidden and often neglected. As a citizen, it is our duty to protect our city and appreciate the people who devote their time for the well being of the city. Volunteer for Bangladesh (VBD) appreciated these people for their hard work by this event. The volunteers did their work for that day. The volunteers cleaned the roads early morning under their mentor ship and gave them rest for one day. The volunteers of VBD were responsible for cleaning roads around Dhanmondi and the surrounding areas.

World Heart Day 2013 – September, 2013

Volunteer for Bangladesh and BD Cyclists groups together observed World Heart Day for the first time in Bangladesh. With support from BeximcoPharma, a day-long event was organized to inspire people especially women, children and youth of our nation to take care of their hearts through regular exercise and adopting healthy habts. The organizers started the day by appreciating the senior citizens of our country who exercise regularly in the parks. A marathon was also arranged to engage mass people of our country to celebrate the day. The day ended with a Cycle Rally across Dhaka city.

School of affection: September 2013

This was a project of Chittagong branch of ‘Volunteer for Bangladesh’ when some volunteers spend quality time with special children from ShorkariShisuPoribar, Chittagong. The motto for the event was “Make them feel Special”. During this event the volunteers brought together all the ingredients needed for these children to have a great time. The most popular Cartoons were featured on screen during this program; followed by a session of exciting games. With munchies that children love to snack on and an array of take away gifts, the volunteers of Chittagong District shared love and affection among the children.

School of Survivors 3 || December 2012

In our society the autistics children are overlooked and unlike others kid they are treated as burden. On Saturday, December 19th 2012, Volunteer for Bangladesh launched the project went to visit the Society for the Welfare of Autistic Children (SWAC) at Shaymoli. They spent quality time with the autistic children who were almost 6 to 18 years old and have joyful day with them.
Volunteers got themselves engaged with autistic children by playing different games and making some handicrafts and drawings that enchanted them a lot. A musical session was arranged for the children.

Spreading care on Valentine’s Day 2014

Whenever people are unwell and if they are admitted to hospital we take services from doctors and nurses. Doctors treat our sickness but nurses cure our illness by giving love and attention. Day and night these nurses work hard just to make our health better without expecting anything in return. While we appreciate the work of the doctors, we often forget to thank also the nurses for their help and their kindness towards us. On 14th February 2014, flowers and cards were given to the caretaking nurses by 100 of our volunteers in Dhaka, Sylhet, and Chittagong & Rajshahi district- as a ‘token of love’. The volunteers gathered at one point in each district and then were split in groups. Each group went to hospital and hand over cards to nurses in different wards, the volunteers spent quality time with the nurses and appreciate them for their work.

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