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Universal Children’s Day

In Bangladesh Universal Children’s Day (UCD) is a little known concept. Organizations like JAAGO Foundation works hard to promote this day and the values behind it. Currently, there is a small group of people who understand the principle of UCD and working to promote issue. The numbers of aware youth are increasing every year gradually. In the future, JAAGO hopes that UCD will become a groundbreaking movement to help the impoverished children of Bangladesh
VBD’s signature event which has been observed every year since 2009 is the Universal Children’s Day. Volunteers of VBD celebrate the day with the underprivileged kids who hardly get any day to celebrate their childhood. Bioscope, puppet show, nagordola, merry-go-round all these mesmerizing amusements were there to bring smiles on the deprived children of our city who are often neglected by us. The children yelled, shouted, screamed with joy wearing yellow JAAGO t-shirts and the sparks in their eyes were the expressions of sheer happiness. The day-long carnival is full with activities including entertainment, food, and medical checkup for the underprivileged children.

UCD in 2015

The biggest UCD event was arranged in 2015 with more than 8000 volunteers participating in 32 districts. To celebrate the day, a large carnival was arranged in Banani field with attractive activities for the street children. In collaboration with the Daily Star, JAAGO provided the volunteers and donors special caps and booklets. Companies such as Rahimafrooz Solar, Pizza Hut, KFC, Beximco Pharma supported the event.

UCD In 2014

The 2014 UCD was aimed to involve community based volunteer associations from 21 districts in Bangladesh and build capacity within these locally-based volunteer groups. The objective was linked to the United Nations Universal Children’s Day on November 20, 2014 and the focus was on supporting and assisting under-privileged children within these communities through organizing community carnivals (similar to “county fairs popular in the United States) with a focus on children’s participation in arts, music, dance, sports, and games. The community volunteers promoted better understanding and appreciation for Bangladeshi culture and traditions among children who do not have the opportunity to learn about or enjoy such cultural activities.

UCD in 2013

In 2013, JAAGO Foundation celebrated UCD-2013 through organizing an entrepreneurship mentoring on education and child development and engages youth/aspiring entrepreneurs in the field of social development.

UCD in 2012

In 2012, the Universal Children’s Day took was observed in 21 districts all around Bangladesh. Complimenting with JAAGO’s commitment towards the underprivileged children’s education of Bangladesh intact, UCD-2012 was observed with the theme “Quality Education for All” with simial activities form previous year.

UCD in 2011

After the phenomenal success of 2009 & 2010, JAAGO launched the third Universal Children’s Day Event on November 3, 2011. In total 7,000 national and international volunteers participated in the event, while 3,000 street children were taken for a day of entertainment. The event took place in 10 districts all around Bangladesh. The campaign was supported by U.S. Embassy Dhaka, Airtel, Pizza Hut, KFC, Far East Knitting & Dying Ltd., Austan, Pepsi, Wonderland, Green World, Prescription Point, TTL, Kaharba Productions, Elite Force, Evatix and Carpet Bag.

UCD In 2010

On November 11 VBD observed UCD in 2010. The primary goal of the event was to gather children who sell goods at traffic signals and give them a break and a Wonderland day of joy and fun. While the children enjoy their time at Wonderland, young volunteers from reputed educational institutes of Dhaka city and various corporations will be putting themselves in their shoes for those children to share their hardship that the street children face every day. JAAGO Foundation observed the day with 15 major signal points all around Dhaka city with the participation of more than 1,000 volunteers who replaced 1,000 street children at those signal points for entire day.

UCD in 2009

On November 18, 2009, JAAGO gathered around 500 street children from important traffic hubs of Dhaka and ran a full day of activities for them in Wonderland Amusement Park. At the start of the day, the street kids were gathered and fed breakfast. After that, they were allowed to roam around and explore the rides. When they were done, a magician left the kids mesmerized with incantations. They were given lunch shortly after. In the afternoon, every child was given a free health check-up, courtesy of Novartis Bangladesh Ltd. While the children were having a good time in the park, more than 500 volunteers from different organizations and backgrounds stood in the traffic signal points and put themselves in the shoes of these children. All day long they sold various products usually sold by the children. At the end of the day, the money collected was disbursed equally among the children. The key purposes of the event were to raise awareness among the general population and inspire people to take part in the development of the country through children’s rights. This event has been supported by Mojo, KFC, Pizza Hut, Novartis, Adcomm, Radio Today, Alliance Group and others.

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