08 Jul 2019

Come Together with JAAGO on World Youth Skills Day

On July 15, the United Nations will be celebrating World Youth Skills Day 2019. This year, the United Nations General Assembly is resolute on raising awareness on the importance of investing in youth skills development, because education and training are important determinants of success in the labour market.


Volunteer for Bangladesh is the youth wing of JAAGO foundation. This platform arms the youth of Bangladesh with skills enjoy networking, management and teamwork, and a lot more, which amplifies their potential and carves them a road to a better future. 


To begin with, voluntarism provides young people from all over the country with experiences that they would find nowhere else. By campaigning events like the School of Survivors (SOS) to spread happiness to the disabled, elders, ailing people and other brave souls and My Road-My Responsibility were partnering with Dhaka Metropolitan Police to create awareness among the City Dwellers related to traffic issues. These experiences also provide them with a sense of purpose and motivation to help the community. 


VBD has 35000 registered volunteers in 32 districts, which is 50% of entire Bangladesh. While organising events and upholding days, (Universal Children’s Day, World Environment Day, World Water Day) a lot of these volunteers have to work together in harmony to make these events successful. It is important to note that JAAGO foundation along with its youth wing VBD started celebrating Universal Children’s day in Bangladesh in the year 2009, a time when this day was much less heard of. Over the years, JAAGO Foundation’s Universal Children’s Day (UCD) campaign has become its largest flagship event. The awareness campaigns and celebrations for UCD have grown hand in hand with the organisation itself. Every year thousands of volunteers advocate the cause of ensuring the education and well-being of children all over Bangladesh. The government of Bangladesh recognised UCD as an annual international day. Achieving these successful feats and meeting these goals required the volunteers to enhance their teamwork skills and provided them with experience. At the same time, youth projects like Great Kindness Challenge, Water and Sanitation for All, Child Rights- UCD along with the events, improve their management skills.

World Youth Skills Day

Furthermore, VBD is also a part of the Bangladesh Youth Network, a platform of organizations created by JAAGO foundation in collaboration with UNDP,  working for youth priorities throughout Bangladesh. Around, 700 registered youth organizations all over the country are now connected for knowledge and idea sharing through this platform. Moreover, the National Youth Assembly is one of the major events organised annually by VBD. It is a conference that connects the nation’s foremost young talent in the fields of sustainable development and social entrepreneurship, together with leading professionals, policy makers and practitioners in various fields. The network skills learned from platforms like these help the volunteers greatly. 


Volunteer for Bangladesh regularly organizes different Training and Skills Development Programs for the young volunteers. The training is designed and facilities by experts to support quicker and easier learning of youth so they are better equipped and have the knowledge to contribute and support their youth leadership initiatives. The training programs include Youth Engagement with Social Development Goals, Leadership Skills Development, Design Thinking for Project development and Fundraising, Entrepreneurship, Self Defense, First Responder Training, Fire Service Training, Community Volunteer Training Program and Training on Democracy and good governance. These programs, combined with the experiences gained through working closely with the community, empowers them and makes them valuable contributors to society – improving their job prospects.


All these skills gained through voluntarism with VBD sum up the United Nations General Assembly’s goals for this year’s World Youth Skills Day. They want youth all over the world to know of the importance of these skills and then be trained in them to become important contributors to society.