The Challenges

Youth is the harbinger to bring about any positive change in a country.

The youth, undoubtedly, is one of the most viable and potential human resources for any population and social structure. Especially in developing countries like Bangladesh where around 50 % of its population falls between the ages of 15-25 years, young people are

Our Approach

Here at Volunteer for Bangladesh we encourage volunteers to become a part of the youth family and bring positive change with in and people around him/her. VBD allows the volunteers to come up with their innovative ideas, sharpen it and implement it to a way that benefits the community.

Our Impacts

At present with around 20,000 registered volunteers, VBD is now actively working in 32 districts, that is 50% of entire Bangladesh, in various social awareness campaigns all through the year. Each of the individual district acts as a platform for the local youth to become vocal about the respective community issues and to work for the social development accordingly.


Apart from conducting campaigns Volunteer of Volunteer for Bangladesh were involved in conduct surveys. Youth Perception Survey supported by U.S Department of State, was a nationwide survey on youth aimed to understand their perception on democracy, good governance and political culture in Bangladesh.

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