the Impact

At present with around 20,000 registered volunteers, VBD is now actively working in 32 districts, that is 50% of entire Bangladesh, in various social awareness campaigns all through the year. Each of the individual district acts as a platform for the local youth to become vocal about the respective community issues and to work for the social development accordingly.

So far we have successfully and repeatedly planned, designed and executed many big campaigns on the Universal Children’s Day, World Water Day, World Environment Day, Great Kindness Challenge, etc. and many others. While each of these engagements teaches our volunteers core values of life, the essence of volunteerism flourishes with sheer pride.


Volunteer for Bangladesh (VBD), that founded its pillar with the moto to bring change in the society focusing on the UN declared Millennium Development Goals, is now continuing with full confidence and loads of experiences to move forward in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.