Day long Campaign:

Volunteer for Bangladesh that focus on bringing change through sustainable development; organize and observes different social awareness campaign throughout the year. Campaigns like Universal Children’s Day, Great Water Challenge, World Environment Day , Great Kindness Challenge are among the few of the many campaigns VBD volunteers observes to raise awareness among the mass people to create a better Bangladesh.

Fellowship Program:

For the committee members of Volunteer for Bangladesh, there is a 2 weeks fellowship program where a volunteer gets the opportunity to work with the JAAGO Foundation. This is fellowship program helps a volunteer to gather professional skills and explore the area of interest.

Apprenticeship Program:

Volunteers of Volunteer for Bangladesh are encouraged to do month long apprenticeship program with the management team in preferred department under the guidance of a supervisor to gather knowledge about the organization, sharpen the skills and improve personal resume.

Idea Generation and Innovation:

Volunteer for Bangladesh is the innovation hub for the volunteers where they can bring their own ideas and sharpen the idea with the help of seniors who are qualified in that field.